Michele Mitchell Ostlund

I have had the great opportunity to become a direct link to the Old Masters. My lineage is woven through the French Academic and Impressionist Traditions dating prior to the 17th century.
It is that lineage and my deep appreciation of Life that has facilitated my ability to see, and to record what I see truthfully.
I see the relationship of truthful color value that is composed with line in nature to reveal the story of Life. Each brush stroke records an unfolding that is incomprehensible to the mind yet the heart celebrates. To paint from Life is to dance with the Divine.

As a sitting may inspire an artist to be moved by the profundity of existence, so may a sunset inspire another.

Many say they can paint portraits; yet they do not want to inconvenience you with sittings. Is it an inconvenience to witness profound beauty, as a sunset, and be moved to a quiet beautiful place in the heart?

If words would articulate this moment, wouldn't the words become poetry?

Allow me to invite you into my world, within the process of seeing. We will journey together to witness the unfolding of Visual Poetry.

Either you may come to my studio in the Mountains of North Carolina, or I will come to you. The process begins with finding a place to compose your portrait with natural light. We will discuss possibilities for the composition and create a suitable vignette within which to paint you.

We would then choose a few settings to photograph and discern which environment is the most pleasing and attractive. Next, we would choose a pose which may range from head and shoulders to three quarter length to full length.

After the photographs are developed, we would collaborate on the most attractive pose and composition and begin scheduling sittings

I request approximately six sittings which are each two hours. Breaks are given frequently to accommodate your comfort. These sittings are scheduled at the beginning of the portrait, in the middle of the painting process and at the completion of the portrait. Each sitting may be morning and afternoon for two hours.

In pricing your commissioned portrait there are many choices: Portrait size, composition, number of subjects, full or partial view, signed prints, etc. I feel it is best to speak to you about the options and provide you with an estimate. You will be consulting directly with me. There is no agent or intermediary. Portrait pricing will range from $11,000 to $20,000.

"Let us take the wonderful opportunity together to reawaken a dormant tradition virtually lost in this century."

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